Concrete Cutting and Concrete Services

We ALSO provide a wide range of concrete services including: concrete cutting (wall sawing, wire sawing, flat sawing, exposed rebar cutting), loading dock installation, concrete breaking/removal, and selective demolition.

Construction siteConcrete Cutting

  • Cut an opening in any concrete wall or floor measuring any size.
  • Cut an opening in a brick or block wall measuring any size.
  • Cut an opening in any size wall to make way for a gate in a private business.
  • Used a flat saw to cut area and removed to an outside area for expanding work areas
  • Cut trenches in a concrete slab for wire trenches

Concrete Service & Concrete Repair

  • Modify loading docks for scissor lift installations
  • Removal of concrete debris
  • Slab Breaking for new installations
  • Break a concrete slab
  • Stress Crack Repairs
  • Concrete ” Settling ” cracks repairing

Concrete Forming & Concrete Work

  • Loading docks
  • Wire trench installations
  • Loading Ramps
  • Safety Rail installation on concrete loading docks

400′ of Cable Trough Installed

Demolition and Preparation

Cable Trough Completed

Demolition and Preparation

Call us at toll free at 800-662-7830 or 803-279-3635 for all your concrete services, concrete work, concrete repairs, concrete cutting, and concrete forming needs.  We service companies in primarily located in Georgia and South Carolina.
Commercial Concrete and Industrial Concrete Specializations